HDClone X.4 – The best tool for World Backup Day


World Backup Day is on March 31st! Remember to back up your data and ensure that you are prepared for any potential data loss scenarios.

But don't settle for any backup tool! You deserve a powerful, comprehensive solution which you will experience when you choose HDClone X.4.

HDClone X.4 goes beyond just backing up files. Secure your entire disk including the operating system, programs, user settings and all data in just a few easy steps.

What makes HDClone X.4 so versatile?

Use HDClone just about anywhere: HDClone runs on all Windows systems, from XP to Windows 11 and from Server 2003 to Server 2020. In 32 bit & 64 bit. The integrated boot version to restore backups is identical to the Windows version, so you are always working in the same interface.

NAS & network shares*: save backups also on your NAS or via network share on another PC in the LAN. You can then restore them directly over the LAN if needed.

Direct PC-to-PC copying over LAN*: NetDisk technology allows you to copy directly to other PCs via LAN – just as if they were connected locally.

Edit files within an image: when data is saved in an image, you can still access and even modify the individual files. Images can be mounted as virtual disks in order to make the files accessible directly under Windows and also for other applications.

Seamless support of BitLocker*: drives with active BitLocker encryption can now be backed up and copied normally. HDClone can unlock them – even in the self-booting variants – and, if needed, can remove the encryption altogether while copying, backing up, or restoring.

Especially for Windows-on-ARM*: HDClone runs as a native application on Windows-on-ARM systems and thus delivers full speed there as well.

Network boot*: HDClone supports PXE boot and UEFI network boot. Together with Miray BootCast as PXE server this amounts to a complete and easy to set up solution.

*Feature availability depends on the chosen HDClone X.4 edition

For more information about HDClone X.4's features & capabilities, and to help you choose the right edition, check out our "HDClone X.4 Feature Summary".

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