New version of HDClone Free Edition


The popular hard disk cloning tool HDClone Free Edition supports USB in the new version 3.5. Hard disk migration or disk rescuing now also work with external media. This allows anyone to perform hard disk migration or disk rescuing to external media - essential for notebooks - with the known ease of use of HDClone's user interface.

Version 3.5 also has another new feature: HDClone adjusts the disk management data in MBR and boot sector of the copy fully automated to the drive geometry of the target medium, if desired. This makes it easier to use copies of single partitions or to to install copied hard disks into other systems, since there are usually no further adjustments necessary.

In the new HDClone version, Standard Edition and higher also offer the new SmartCopy mode. It serves for creating logical 1:1 copies. In this mode, copying error-free media is accelerated by a multiple. So it is possible, for example, to clone a common fresh Windows installation in less than 2 minutes. A slim Windows XP installation can be duplicated in only 20 seconds. For copying defective media, a physical 1:1 copy as HDClone offers further on, is generally inevitable.

The Free Edition of HDClone is a fully-fledged, discrete product. Users can use it for migrating an existing installation to a new hard disk or rescuing data quickly and easily. HDClone 3.5 Free Edition can be downloaded at for free.


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