The all new HDShredder 7 – Efficient security deletion for SSDs, HDDs and flash storage


Now officially released and ready for use – HDShredder 7, the latest version of our powerful and comprehensive disk deletion tool. Suitable for all types of mass storage, namely SSD, NVMe, eMMC, HDD, USB storage and flash memory (SD, CF, CFast).

This newest version of HDShredder brings a vast number of exciting new features and optimizations that will not only enhance, but also facilitate your data deletion experience.

HDShredder 7 provides a range of robust data deletion options, ensuring utmost security through algorithmic deletion standards and the hardware-based methods such as SecureErase.

The use of these methods allows data deletion in accordance with GDPR and DIN 66399 guidelines and guarantees the irrevocable destruction of sensitive information, rendering it completely inaccessible to unauthorized individuals and safe from any potential breaches.

Highlights in version 7

Windows 11, Server 2022 & Windows-on-ARM | HDShredder 7 boasts full compatibility with current Windows versions, as well as an additional EXE file with special optimizations for Windows-on-ARM, particularly used in notebooks and tablets.

Support for USB 4, Thunderbolt 4 | Updated hardware support allows users to harness the full speed of lightning-fast external NVMe disks and leverage Thunderbolt docking stations for notebooks.

Remote deletion over LAN with NetDisk technology* | The integrated NetDisk server allows to securely erase disks via LAN (e.g. fixed storage in notebooks). The NetDisk connection can be easily started with just a few clicks.

No admin rights required* | HDShredder 7 can now be run in standard user accounts ("non-elevated"). This is especially vital for use in professional environments and company networks.

Network shares, SMB & NAS* | The self-booting variant HDShredder/S now offers the use of network shares, SMB shares and NAS drives. This allows you to conveniently save your deletion reports directly into the network.

*) Feature availability depends on the chosen HDShredder 7 edition

For more information, please refer to our document New in HDShredder 7, which serves as your comprehensive guide to the advancements, features and capabilities of HDShredder 7.

In addition to the exciting new features, HDShredder offers several general benefits that have made it a top choice for disk deletion:

  • Versatile compatibility: HDShredder runs on Windows or can be used as a stand-alone, self-booting tool.
  • Comprehensive storage media support: From HDDs to SSDs and removable devices, HDShredder can securely erase almost any type of storage media.
  • One-time purchase: With HDShredder, there are no subscription or ongoing costs. Once purchased, it's yours to use and protect your data indefinitely.
  • Precise deletion reports*: Generate detailed deletion reports for your customers. IT service providers & businesses also have the option to have their own logo integrated into the reports.

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