HDClone - upsizing partitions arbitrarily


Version 3.8.3 of HDClone contains - besides many improved details - an important and useful new feature: HDClone 3.8.3 offers to freely adjust the target size of all partitions to be copied.

While it was only possible to assign the entire free space on the target medium only to one partition until now, from version 3.8.3 on, users can adjust the size of each partition individually by themselves. This works really easy by clicking and dragging with your mouse or, alternatively, with the arrow keys of the keyboard. The upsizing process itself is - as before - integrated into the copying process, which represents the fastest way. HDClone is able to upsize partitions with FAT, NTFS, Ext2, or Ext3 file systems.

HDClone 3.8 is available as from now in four different editions: Basic (19,90 €), Standard (39,90 €), Professional (99 €) and Enterprise (starting from 299 €). There is also the Free Edition, which is free of charge for private use. It is especially suited for migrating existing software installations to new hard disks. The Free Edition is availabe for download at www.miray.de/public/download/hdclone.3.8.fe.en.zip.


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