HDClone 6 – Simple. Different.


Munich. After more than a year of development, the Munich-based company Miray Software is officially introducing HDClone, the newest version of their acclaimed disk cloning tool. The new version offers a brand new CopyEngine, together with a one of a kind design to visually emphasize the development progress.

For the official release of HDClone 6 (English language version) at the end of September, the company came up with something special – customers who place an order within the first six days have the chance to receive one of six limited edition packages.

Limited Special Edition

The limited edition includes a dedicated software box signed by the team of developers, with a special kind of HDClone – it will feature as an unusual extra the silent version of “Ultimate Doom,” which you can use to fill in your time during the cloning progress, even in HDClone’s boot version.

New Features

Some features were developed from scratch for HDClone 6, such as the migration of Dynamic Disks, the construction of space saving differential backups, and the seamless support for SecureBoot systems. Not only can data images created by HDClone 6 be mounted to Windows as virtual drives and be used by all applications, but also the modified content can be restored to a disk.

The heart of HDClone, the CopyEngine with its central copy algorithm, was also completely redeveloped. The revision makes it once again notably faster, especially for SSDs and 1:1 copies, and it enables the expansion of the fast and one of a kind SmartCopy process on additional file systems.
For this reason, HDClone 6 now also supports fast copies, space saving images as well as expansion and downsizing for the Apple file system HFS+.

Design & Operating Concept

The above named features were integrated into the new, yet familiar and intuitive operating concept of HDClone 6. Its progression is also a main feature of HDClone 6 – as a universal cloning tool, HDClone 6 offers a large number of applications. Therefore, the objective of HDClone 6 was to provide users with an improved overview in order to determine which functions are best matched for their applications. For this reason, HDClone 6’s organized arrangement of program functions was continued and expanded upon with the use of a tab concept. In combination with the new eye-catching, but clear program design which was especially developed for HDClone, it will be easier for users to select desired program functions.

Available Editions

Six different editions of HDClone 6 are available. All editions universally build up on one another and all aim to offer functionality for each individual demand for a suitable price.
These editions range from the free one-time use of the Free Edition to the Basic Edition, the Standard Edition and the Advanced Edition for frequent-to-regular use, the Professional Edition for professional users, service providers and IT companies, to the Enterprise Edition for commercial and industrial use. Also newly featured – the portable variant HDClone 6 Professional Edition Portable, which allows mobile and flexible use for service providers and IT departments on-the-go. This way, HDClone can be directly started on an unlimited number of systems, usually from the provider’s individual work location, without prior installation.

This is what the company has to say…

“Although we are a medium-sized company, we are though internationally focused. Our software, HDClone, is being used by hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide. If we were to include just the number of Free Edition uses from our website, this would add up to a few million downloads,” the executive of Miray Software AG, Michael Haunreiter states. “As a Munich-based company, this makes us proud, considering that our software product have been sold in over 140 countries at this time. Of course we profit from our customers who purchase the priced editions. Therefore, we have always reinvested every single euro into constantly improving our software, HDClone, as well as into remaining competitive with larger contenders. We achieve this through our own easy-to-use and intuitive operating concept, which makes HDClone stand out among other products. HDClone 6 however is a very special step for us, which we emphasize visually by the specifically developed black and white design.”


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