Announcement of New Hard Disk Cloning Tool


miray software is going to release version 1.0 of HDClone within the next weeks. This program will join the already released programs PCISniffer, DiskSpy and HDShredder of the SAT-series by miray. HDClone is used for copying hard disks. Besides this it also offers the useful Backup&Restore mode. This press release contains a short description of HDClone and offers you the possibility to test the program in advance (see below). Prior to the official release another press release will follow.

Miray offers you to provide your editors with an evaluation version of HDClone. Don't hesitate to request it via our press department at

HDClone copies the hard disk data on the physical level. HDClone has no problems with defective sectors and differing drive sizes. So an (old) hard disk (incl. system partition!) can easily be moved to a larger (new) hard disk. For resizing the partitions after the copying process there is already a number of tools available. HDClone will also offer this feature in later versions.

HDClone should be interesting and useful for professional usage, for duplicating hard disks in larger quantities or with its Backup&Restore mode. This mode offers the possibility to copy the first half of a hard disk onto the second half and vice versa. If the hard disk is partitioned the use only the first half of the disk, this feature can be used to store a backup of a working system on the second half and to restore it when needed. Possible applications are teaching and test computers. This application is also useful for rented computers or public terminals, since with restoring the original data besides the initial conditions becoming active again, the temporary data of a former user are overwritten on a physical basis (data safety issues). This feature is also usable for short-time backups. Long-term-backups should not be done with this feature, since on a failure of the complete hard disk both the original data as well as the copy are unreachable.

As all tools of the SAT-series the HDClone is operating system independent and does not need any installation. It boots directly from floppy or CD, runs on all PCs from 386SX to Pentium 4 and can be used for IDE hard disks.


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