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MUNICH - July 16, 2001 - miray announces the Version 0.92 of the operating system µnOS.

There will be a free demo version of µnOS 0.92 available for download. It will also be possible to order a bootable CD or floppy disk.
The free µnOS 0.92 demo will come with several demo programs. Detailed specifications of the abilities of µnOS 0.92 will also be available with the day of release.

The official release date is August 1, 2001. The free demo will then be available as well as new information pages under the products section.

miray provides a notification server for the release.
An e-mail to notify@miray.de with the subject "0.92" will activate a notification e-mail to the sender when µnOS 0.92 is released.


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