NetSniffer - a general purpose packet sniffer


NetSniffer extends the tool palette of the SAT-series from miray Software. It is an operating system independent Ethernet packet sniffer, which can be deployed on all current PCs without the need of an installation. Miray offers NetSniffer 1.0 to be downloaded for free.

Packet sniffers are a frequently used tool when setting up or maintaining networks. They are able to display data, which is exchanged between devices within a network in clear text and help to analyze this data. This allows to perform function tests or to inspect the data a device transmits thoroughly. Hence miray offers NetSniffer, a free packet sniffer that can be deployed universally and quickly. As all other programs of the Stand-Alone-Tools (SATs), NetSniffer is operating system independent and can thus be used easily without needing an installation first. NetSniffer can be booted from floppy disk or CD.

For private users, NetSniffer is an interesting tool when setting up a home network, for instance to test if a certain PC really receives and transmits data. Additional, NetSniffer allows any private user to inspect by himself, which data the attached PCs actually transmit. PCs, which send data over the LAN unwantedly, can so be easily retrieved. NetSniffer is able to intercept network packets already on the lowest level, the Ethernet layer. In addition to the packet data in clear text, the addresses of sender and recipient as well as the protocol type used in this packet are displayed among others. Therefore NetSniffer is also suitable for professional use, especially for development of network hard- and software as well as for setting up and maintaining LANs.

NetSniffer supports many current network adapters with Intel, 3Com, Realtek and NE2000 chipsets. They are detected and involved automatically. Further information is available under miray[/i] homepage. NetSniffer 1.0 is available as free download under <a href="]


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