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A demo version of the new operating system µnOS by the company miray is now available.
It's now ready for a free download under the web address http://www.miray.de/download/demodisk.html.

The structural concept of this system is completely independent from other systems. It has been written from scratch. But although, no open-source-code or otherwise already existing code has been re-used.

With µnOS, we follow a completely new concept. A concept that is able to fulfill the requests a modern OS has to deal with. A lot of advantages just come from efficiently implemented system calls and a very small overhead.
Especially the client/server-based and message-oriented basic concept is able to cope with current and future requests. The mechanisms that are used to realize that concept are implemented in µnOS as a comfortable interface.

Further, this basic concept allows a completely transparent distribution of system processes within a network of any kind. This ability of network-wide distribution will be implemented in future versions.

µnOS gives a lot of advantages to developers. This allows to realize huge projects in a very effective way. For the customer, these advantages show their affect in greater availability and better stability of the applications.

Further information can be found on the miray homepage www.miray.de.


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