Expansion of Miray Software


The stand alone tools (SATs) of Miray Software GbR have been taken over by Miray Software AG with immediate effect. The great interest in the SATs also makes it necessary to expand the sales department; therefore the partnership network will be enlarged.

Miray Software GbR distributes stand alone tools that they develop themselves for some years now. These use the operating systems Sphere, µnOS, and Symobi that are also out of Miray's own production. The tools are by name: HDClone (harddisk cloning tool), HDShredder (harddisk eraser), DiskSpy (harddisk editor), DiskCheck (harddisk benchmark), PCISniffer (PCI device configuration viewer) and NetSniffer (network monitoring and analysis). The number of clients has risen greatly since the introduction of the SATs in 2003. Meanwhile, Miray Software sells these tools in 86 countries, with all continents covered. The interest in the products continues to be very strong and an expansion of the enterprise is the next logical step.

The business activity of the sales department and the further development of the SATs have been taken over by Miray Software AG with immediate effect. This measure serves the optimization of the business organisation that becomes necessary through the extension of the enterprise. Miray Software will also broaden sales in general, but especially on the international market. Therefore, the worldwide network of sales partnerships will also be extended.


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