Update on SecureBoot Issues - Shim Approval


We recently informed you that, on SecureBoot systems, there were issues with major software components, especially with GRUB and Shim. These components are used by most operating systems in order to boot on SecureBoot systems, which also applies to Symobi and our self-booting tools.

While GRUB was fixeda few weeks ago, we had been waiting for an updated version of Shim, which was also subject of a review process and, most importantly, needed to be signed by Microsoft in order to run seamlessly on any SecureBoot system. The Shim component is necessary for every OS in order to run seamlessly on SecureBoot systems. Every OS and every manufacturer must obtain their own approved and signed version of Shim.

We are therefore glad to inform you today that Miray's Shim is the first to have been successfully reviewed, approved and signed. This is the positive outcome of a joint effort of the OS security community, and the result of months of hard work on this issue, to which Miray was able contribute. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire community and their leading developers for their invaluable work.

What does this mean?

It means that finally, after several months of having an unclear outlook, we can now offer a long-term solution for the proper use of our software products on SecureBoot systems. We are now in the final stage of integrating and testing the new versions, so that we can offer updates, with the new Shim incorporated, in a few weeks.


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