Clean Disks Securely & Protect Your Data


Secure deletion of disks has never been easier and more reliable.

Erase disks and other media prior to disposal or resale. With HDShredder 6 Free Edition, private users can safely rid their disks of all data before discarding or reselling them. Even though the Free Edition does not offer the advanced capabilities of the higher editions, such as a standard compliant secure deletion, deletion reports or special security modes, it lets private users wipe disks with a significantly higher safety level than by means of simple formatting. As a result, your deleted data is safe from being recovered by any regular user.

Now you can take charge of your disk deletion for free - just download HDShredder 6 Free Edition, start it up, delete the desired disk, done.

By the way: HDShredder 6 not only has a completely new user interface and supports current hardware and operating systems, but is also available in 11 languages.

Updates and features:

  • SSD: M.2 & NVMe support
  • Fully SecureBoot compliant
  • SafeDisk applet with DiskQuarantine*
  • Pic Auxiliary - open pictures in the file manager
  • Improved SafeRemove applet

(*limited scope of use with Free Edition)

Download HDShredder 6 Free Edition now!

For more information about all HDShredder 6 editions, please check out our HDShredder 6 Feature Summary.


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