HDClone X.3 Covers More Hardware Devices and OSes Than Ever Before


HDClone can be used either directly as a Windows executable or by self-booting the program by means of a bootable USB disk or CD(learn how to create a bootable medium from our YouTube tutorial.

Due to its specialized functionality, HDClone must be able to detect and support the properties of various operating systems and hardware devices.

For this reason alone, a significant effort is invested in order to continuously adapt HDClone to newly introduced hardware and software. You as a user will mostly become aware of this significance when something does not work, e.g. when using an older HDClone version with new hardware or software.

Minor modifications, namely in terms of device and operating system support are covered in our service updates. This means, should something not work as expected, please be sure to clear and download the most recent service update with your license key.

Major modifications, which for example are requisite for new versions of operating system or new device standards are incorporated into the next possible full version release of HDClone.

This is exactly the case with HDClone X.3- it fully supports Windows 11 and the Professional Editions and the Enterprise Editions also support Windows Server 2022.

Native Windows-on-ARM Application

In addition, HDClone X.3 Professional and Enterprise Editions come with an additional program file (hdclone.A64.exe), specifically for Windows-on-ARM systems, which are mostly notebooks and tablets with a Snapdragon® processor.

On these systems, this specialized executable allows for up to three times the speed compared to the regular hdclone.exe.


In terms of hardware standards, HDClone X.3 now supports high-speed Thunderbolt storage media (Professional Edition and higher).


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