New Features For HDClone X.2!


As of today, we have released the HDClone X.2 Version 11.1. For this subversion, we have not only made improvements to various details, but we have also added a number of new features.

Free For Existing HDClone X.2 Users!

This release is available at no additional cost to our customers who already use HDClone X.2! For users of earlier HDClone versions, perhaps this is your incentive to update to HDClone X.2!

What's In The Update?

  • Support of Intel VMD for NVMe
  • ImageConvert App for ESXi images
  • Up-to-date SecureBoot support
  • Support for PCIe Hot-Swapping
    ... and more!

For complete information about this update and
about HDClone X.2 in general, please see our
HDClone X.2 Feature Summary.

Here's how to get your update:

For existing HDClone X.2 users:
Enter your 20-digit license key at Nanoways. You will automatically be offered to download the update at no cost, or click on the Notify icon in the system bar at the bottom of the program screen to automatically be taken to the update clearing site.
>> Visit Nanoways to download your update!

Still using a previous HDClone version?
There's no better time than now to update to HDClone X.2!
>> Choose your update here!

Not yet an HDClone user?
Purchase HDClone X.2 now to take advantage of all of the newest features!
>> Choose your HDClone X.2 edition here!


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