New Version 3.2 of HDShredder


Miray Software announces the new version 3.2 of the hard disk eraser HDShredder for the end of October. Especially the broad hardware support was therefore expanded even further. HDShredder 3.2 will be introduced on the SYSTEMS 2007 exposition.

If files are only "erased" using the "format" command or the recycle bin, even after it was emptied, the contents still remain stored on the medium and can be recovered by third parties easily. That confidential or private Information can be attained by trespassers has been demonstrated in many illustrious examples in the past few years, e.g. with hard disks from government departments, companies, and private persons purchased in auctions at eBay. The economic risk originating from this situation is obvious for companies. But more and more private users attach importance to confidential data, like account data or private photos and videos, not being visible for trespassers.

HDShredder is a fast and easy-to-use solution for companies as well as private users to delete the contents of hard disks or single partitions safely. It offers all important international data deletion standards. HDShredder is applicable independent of an operation system on any PC, even without any operating system installed. It has a concise and simple user interface. The deletion process can be started with only a few mouse clicks. If desired, HDShredder also offers the output of a deletion report on a floppy disk.

Besides hard disks the new version also supports portable media, e.g. USB sticks, CF-cards, and many more. For example, storage media of digital foto and video cameras can be erased directly with HDShredder. It can erase all kinds of file systems with a very high deletion speed of up to 90 MB/sec (that is 5.4 GB/min).

On the occasion of the official publication of HDShredder 3.2 and the presentation of further products Miray Software invites everyone who is interested to the SYSTEMS 2007 exposition to stand 312, hall A2. Further information and free-of-charge guest tickets (regular price one-day ticket: 35 Euros) can be found here:

Website of HDShredder:

Requests for a reviewer's copy are welcome. Please contact with Tanja Völker (see below) for this purpose.


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