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MUNICH - August 1, 2001 - Today miray officially introduces the version 0.92 of the operating system µnOS.

Through its small efficient API and its client/server architecture µnOS offers a wide area of application. µnOS is operational on embedded systems with little memory as well as on fully equipped desktops or workstations.
Further, with its client/server architecture, µnOS reaches a high grade of modularity. The small API keeps the overhead of runtime and memory usage at a minimum.

Compared to its predecessor, many improvements have been added to µnOS 0.92, in particular an enhanced, smoother multithreading, acceleration of the graphic server, extension of the window server, free scalability and user defined colour configuration of the command shell, shared memory mechanisms and handling of shared libraries.

Completely new features in µnOS 0.92 are: FPU support, introduction of an object-oriented component library for graphical window elements, a graphical program-manager and full support of VESA compliant graphic adapters up to VBE 3. This VESA support allows ergonomic working with µnOS up to screen resolutions of 1600 x 1200 pixels.

Recently added optimizations of the µnOS kernel provide significantly increased stability and higher performance of the operating system. Other parts of µnOS have also been enhanced since, resulting in a very reliable and efficient system behaviour.

A free demo-version of µnOS is available for download under http://www.miray.de/download/demodisk.html.

The µnOS 0.92 demo is available as disk image for creating a boot-disk as well as in form of an ISO-image for creating a bootable CD-ROM.
Additionally miray provides the possibility to order a µnOS 0.92 demo on CD-ROM under http://www.miray.de/order/system092.html.


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