Release of New Software Tool Series


miray software today releases the already announced operating-system-independent software tool series labelled Stand-Alone-Tools (SAT). The series starts with three tools, which are HDShredder, DiskSpy and PCISniffer. Especially the HDShredder is interersting for a wide range of users. miray will release more tools of this series in future.

Common to all programs of the SAT series is their operating system independence and that they don't need any installation. The programs are booted directly from floppy disk and are immediately usable on any PC starting from 386. This makes it possible for the SAT tools to perform tasks that are hard to perform under a conventional operating system in this form. They can be started quickly and without prior installation.

HDShredder is aimed to a wide range of users. A publication from the MIT published in January 2003 ( explains that in business as well as in home use hard disks are often sold or thrown away without deleting the data stored on them, these being often private or even sensitive data, e.g. credit card numbers. With HDShredder miray offers a simple and fast possibility for both companies and private users to delete hard disks entirely and completely. It meets (and surpasses) the requests of international data safety standards. HDShredder is operating-system-independent, runs on every PC and has a simple and well-structured user interface. HDShredder is available in either a Personal and a Business Edition. The latter has some additional features which are of special interest for companies, such as creating a deletion protocol.

DiskSpy is used to view single hard disk sectors and offers access to every sector of a hard disk drive. It has special features like text and pattern search, 8-, 16- and 32-bit display modes as well as big- and little-endian notation. The Professional Edition additionally has editing functions and an extended pattern search. The Standard Edition is available as free download at

PCISniffer is used for PCI diagnosis. It shows device and vendor names in plain text and can transfer them by null modem. Application targets are the detection of resource conflicts and detection or inventarization of PCI devices. The free download is available at

More information can be found on the miray software homepage at


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