HDClone Enterprise Edition


Miray Software presents a new product of the HDClone series: The Enterprise Edition is specialised on mass cloning of storage media and is officially available from July 2nd. She offers a high copy capacity of up to 1 GB/sec, which means an extraordinary time gain in all application areas.

The programs of the HDClone series can be used universally to create physical 1:1-copies of hard disks and other mass storage devices. You can also copy single free selectable partitions. This especially serves the creation of backups and of mass installations, but also the rescuing of data through a special 'SafeRescue' mode or the migration of complete operating system installations.

The new Enterprise Edition uses the already known user friendly interface of the HDClone series. It contains all features of the Professional Edition and additionally specializes on mass installations. The Enterprise Edition now makes it possible to copy from one source to multiple targets at the same time. This creates a major time advantage since speed rises proportionally with the number of targets. Thereby, a copy throughput of about 200 MB/sec up to 1 GB/sec is possible, which equals up to 60 GB/min.

Especially suited for the setup of identical systems, the Enterprise Edition is in line with the needs of producers of turn-key computer systems. In addition, the tool is also usable on other fields due to its independence of file systems and formats. There are different licences for 4-target, 8-target or 16-target copies available. For each multiple copying process the supported drive types (USB, Firewire, SCSI, IDE, SATA) can be combined arbitrarily.

The Enterprise Edition is obtainable on the homepage of Miray Software (www.miray.de) from July 2nd. The exact prices and licence conditions will be anounced with the appearance of the Enterprise Edition.


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