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+++ HDClone 4.2 +++ PartitionSelect feature +++ Windows 8 compatible +++ UEFI-BIOS supported +++ SpeedCompress +++

HDClone, the proven and reliable tool for quick and easy cloning of hard disks and many other types of mass storage media–for professional and personal use as well. HDClone 4.2 allows users to exactly adjust the partitioning scheme for the target in advance. As further highlights, HDClone is now compatible with Windows 8 as well as with the new UEFI-BIOS standard. The also new ‘SpeedCompress’ feature allows for file images to be compressed with almost no extra time required. HDClone 4.2 will be available as of September 19th, 2012.

In version 4.2 Miray brings the proven and fast cloning of HDClone to a new level. HDClone 4.2 allows to explicitly include or exclude certain partitions of a hard disk for cloning. The size of partitions included for cloning can then be increased or decreased freely and be adjusted exactly to fit into the target medium. The very special feature of HDClone 4.2 is that HDClone is able to process all these selections, settings, changes and adjustments in just one single pass. This means that all the reorganisation of the partitions plus all other adjustments will be perfomed with almost no extra time required and HDClone will still work at its maximum speed. It is even possible to also defragment (meaning 'tidy up' and make faster) NTFS and FAT partitions—still without decreasing copying speed.

Right with Windows 8 now launched officially, HDClone 4.2 is fully compatible with Windows 8. This is even valid in two aspects: HDClone 4.2 can be started and used directly in Windows 8, but also clones and backups Windows 8 installations smoothly and bootably. The HotCopy feature even allows for both at the same time: Starting HDClone in Windows 8 to create a bootable copy of the very Windows system it is just running on.

Another technical change that is to be found in an increasing number of PCs is the UEFI-BIOS, the modernized successor of the well known PC-BIOS. This causes some significant changes to the boot proccess, which the self-booting version of HDClone now is capable to handle. This means HDClone 4.2 can be booted easily to UEFI systems smoothly.

HDClone 4.2 is also a result of Miray’s objective to include feedback and ideas from the user community promptly. The most evident example in HDClone 4.2 is the new QuickCompress algorithm that has been added. It allows for having almost no delay in copying compared to uncompressed file images. When creating file images on slow storage media, QuickCompress can even achieve a shorter runtime. SpeedCompress still reaches a compression ratio, which is at about 75% of HDClone's standard compression method.

HDClone 4.2 will be introduced officially on September 19th, 2012 in the known editions ‘Basic’, ‘Standard', ‘Professional’ and ‘Enterprise’. There will also be a ‘Free Edition’ for generic disk cloning at no charge. It will also be available for download as of September 19th, 2012 at www.miray.de/download/sat.hdclone.html.


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