Hard-Disk-Cloning-Tool HDClone


miray software officially releases the program HDClone. HDClone makes low-level-copies of hard disk drives. It offers besides simple 1:1-copies also some special features, which make it usable for end-users as well as for professionals. HDClone extends the SAT-series of miray, which includes already the programs PCISniffer, DiskSpy and HDShredder.

HDClone copies hard disks on physical level, and it does not get disturbed by defective sectors or different hard disk capacities. Like all tools of the SAT-series the HDClone is operating system independent and does not need any installation. It starts directly from floppy or CD and runs on all PCs from 386SX to Pentium 4 with IDE hard disks.

In the professional area the HDClone is useful for creating exact 1:1 copies (incl. system partitions!) to achieve a simple (re-)installation of identical configured PCs. In the Backup&Restore mode it is possible to save existing installations locally and copy this saved image back individually and locally, without opening the PC or the need for a second hard disk. Especially teaching- and test-computers can therefore be easily brought back to their initial status. The Backup&Restore mode is also useful for public accessible terminals, since private data which is created during sessions will be overwritten on physical level and offers therefore a high level of data security. The possibility to copy hard disks of different sizes saves a lot time to users and administrators. The contents of a (old) hard disk (incl. system partition) can easily be moved to a bigger (newer) hard disk.

All features mentioned above are also interesting for private users. Especially the Backup&Restore mode can save a lot of time and anger. Simply create a local backup and restore it in case of need. Test installations or a corrupted operating system then do not require a complete re-installation any more.

HDClone will be offered by miray in three different versions: A Business Edition for companies and operators (99,00 EUR), a Personal Edition for private users (15,00 EUR) and a Free Edition which can be downloaded for free and only copies disks of different size. The Free Edition is intended to allow private users moving their hard disk contents fast, easy and cost-free to a newer (and bigger) hard disk.

At www.miray.de/products/sat.hdclone.html you can find more information about HDClone as well as the download link to the Free Edition.


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