RTOS Symobi on up to 32 processor cores


Miray Software and the Technical University Munich officially present the embedded real-time operating system Symobi in version 1.4 on the Systems 2007 exposition for the first time. Highlights of the fair presence are the live demonstration of Symobi on current MultiCore systems and the support of Bluetooth.

Miray Software, together with the research team of Professor Uwe Baumgarten at the chair of system architecture and operating systems at the Technical University of Munich, for the first time officially presents version 1.4 of the operating system Symobi on the SYSTEMS 2007 exposition. Main feature of the new version is the improved system core, which now runs with one and the same kernel on SingleCore as well as on MultiCore systems with up to 32 processors.

In version 1.4 Symobi additionally offers extended hardware support, particularly a specially developed Bluetooth stack. It allows to connect wireless devices to Symobi, as well as establishing Bluetooth connections to other mobile systems. This will be demonstrated live on the gumstix platform, one of the smallest complete computer systems in the world with the size of - well - a gum stick.

Miray Software AG works in several development cooperations. The results can be seen on the SYSTEMS exposition: Symobi for the first time runs on the embedded PowerPC platform EFIKA of Genesi, one of the largest producers of standard PCs with PowerPC processors. In cooperation with the chair of efficient algorithms at the Technical University Munich the security architecture "Subjects" of Professor Christian Scheideler was implemented successfully on Symobi. Thereby, the security aspects included in the architecture of Symobi made the implementation possible.

Miray Software and the Technical Univertity Munich invite everyone who is interested to booth 312 in hall A2 to see Symobi on the different platforms and to try it on his own. Free-of-charge guest tickets can be obtained at http://www.miray.de/de/home/systems2007.html over the homepage of Miray Software.

Press representatives are also sincerely invited. Therefore, please keep in mind the fixed times for the press meetings at the booth. Further information about that can be found at http://www.miray.de/home/systems2007.html.

Website of Symobi: http://www.symobi.com
Website of Miray Software: http://www.miray.de
Website TU Munich, Chair I13: http://www13.cs.tum.edu


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