Shim Updated Once More


In recent weeks it has become apparent that with the new Shim that came with HDClone X.2 version 11.0.6, which we informed you of last April, was not yet working perfectly on all systems. Subsequently, on certain few PC models and on Macs, it would refuse to boot.

For those who are interested in details: The issue on Macs was caused by the Apple firmware not fully supporting the UEFI 2 specification, on which the new Shim relied, since some UEFI 2 functions are actually available. As for the refusal to boot few specific PC models, this was the result of a bad encounter of two things. First, while the firmware of these models passed text strings to Shim in a formally invalid format and second, the new Shims, different from previous Shims, took issue with this format in a very strict manner, stopping with an error message.

In response to this issue, we have now released the service update to version 11.0.9 of HDClone X.2, which contains the most current Shim version, incl. the respective bug fixes. The new Shim is now fixed with respect to the two aforementioned points by handling these types of systems more gracefully. There are currently no other known issues which would cause booting to fail with the latest Shim.

To download the updated version 11.0.9, enter your license key at Nanoways. Or, when running HDClone while connected to the internet, you can click on the Notify icon in the system bar of your program screen.

If you have a Miray Token, you can update it with the newest version. Just follow these instructions in our tutorial. You can then start HDClone self-booting with active SecureBoot.

We would like to take this opportunity to clarify the following regarding our products in relation to the SecureBoot issues: Your PC has never been put at a security risk by HDClone. Instead, the Shim version that HDClone uses (as well as most other SecureBoot-able operating systems), was at risk for being abused in order to build security-compromising software. In response, we had to replace the Shim used in our products by a new version that fixed the vulnerability. The only way in which HDClone users may experience any subsequent effect is if their version will no longer boot on systems with active SecureBoot. If this occurs, SecureBoot will need to be deactivated (provided your UEFI/BIOS setup allows it) or an up-to-date version of HDClone must be used.


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