HDClone X.2 – Now In Our Shop!


Our newest release of HDClone is now available in the Miray Online Shop in all editions and language versions! In addition to the nine language versions English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Russian and Turkish, with this release includes Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese language versions.

Why is it called HDClone X.2?

HDClone X.2 is not a sub-release of HDClone X, instead the name X.2 reflects that this new release is an seamless continuation of its successful predecessor HDClone X, which is packed with new features and improvements.

New features include:

  • Change Windows SIDs, during a copy or restore process, or independently in the OS-Adjust app
  • ESXi image format for VM images – create new ESXi images or convert existing images to ESXi with the ImageConvert app
  • Thunderbolt device support
  • Resume a cancelled data rescue process with the ImageResume app
  • DiskQuarantine – connect disks while impeding access to potentially damaged file systems

For a details about all of HDClone X.2's features, see our HDClone X.2 Feature Summary.

"We, the team of Miray Software, place great care into developing innovative and efficient software products", states Michael Haunreiter, President & CEO of Miray Software. "As with all of our products for many years now, HDClone X.2 was created with our users' needs and wishes in mind, based on the suggestions and feedback from our HDClone community. This is the focus of our efforts across all departments. With HDClone X.2, we hope to meet and, in certain aspects, perhaps exceed our users' expectations."

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