HDClone 8: New language versions


Munich. Miray Software is expanding its language line-up of HDClone 8 by offering two new language versions: Spanish and Turkish.

HDClone 8's progress is not only evident in its new and advanced features – it is also reflected in its selection of language versions. Up until now, HDClone users had the choice of seven different language versions: German, English, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Russian. Miray is particularly pleased to now offer HDClone 8 in Spanish and Turkish.

While this language version expansion was already a part of Miray’s planned development, a major contributing factor was the increasing volume of customer requests for Spanish and Turkish language versions that the company had been receiving, mainly thanks to the continuous accretion of Miray's Spanish and Turkish-speaking customer base in recent years. Miray has met these customer requests with HDClone 8!

With the introduction of the new language versions of HDClone 8, Miray is taking an important step towards their goal of gaining a foothold in Spanish and Turkish-speaking countries. Please feel free to share this development with friends and acquaintances in order to help Miray with the continued growth of their community!


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