HDClone X.3 - Benefit from Updating your Backup and Cloning Software Now!


More of it all: hardware and software support, improvements and practical features. Today we introduce HDClone X.3, the newest version of our trusted disk cloning, backup and OS migration tool.

HDClone X.3, in continuation of its predecessors, remains sleek and simplistic in its use. It also brings advanced hardware support, full compatibility with Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022, as well special optimization for Windows-on-ARM on notebooks and tablets

Brand new apps have joined the practical HDClone feature line-up, while existing apps were advanced and improved upon. Look for the "+" in the right hand corner of the app tiles to identify and use the new and fundamentally improved apps.

And of course once again, version X.3 is rounded off by numerous detailed improvements, not only visually but also "under the hood."

What's New in HDClone X.3?

  • The Rescue App Suite: new apps specifically for the optimal handling of defective disks.
  • PartitionRestore: Restore individual partitions from your backup.
  • Mount WIM images in order to access their files and folders.
  • Change the computer name and WSUS IDs during or after cloning

For more information on HDClone X.3, check out our HDClone X.3 Feature Summary.

How To Get Your Edition of HDClone X.3:

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Note: If you have access to a free update to HDClone X.3 through a previous
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