Announcement of New Software-Tool-Series


miray Software is going to release a set of operating-system-independent tools labelled Stand-Alone-Tools (SAT) this February. These are HDShredder, a program to physically delete hard disks, DiskSpy, a hard disk editor, and PCISniffer, a PCI diagnostic program. This press release contains a short description of these programs and offers you the possibility to test them in advance. At the official release date a further press release will follow.

Common to all tools of the SAT-Series is their operating system independency which requires no installation. The programs boot directly from floppy disk or CD and run on all PCs from 386SX to Pentium4, allowing them to be used immediately, independent of any installed operating system.

HDShredder is used to delete hard disk data completely. Standard deleting commands and DOS/Windows 'format'-command deletes data only logically, i.e. only the references are removed. The data itself remains and can be restored. HDShredder is able to delete this data on physical level by completely overwriting the hard disk - even several times, depending on safety requirements.
This ability is relevant for a wide spectrum of users. Companies can meet official data safety guidelines as well as protect their data in their own interest. Private users can prevent that post-owners of their hard disks or PCs browse their personal files.

DiskSpy is a sector-level hard disk editor. It provides access to all sectors of a hard disk, including areas usually protected by the operating system. Other features of DiskSpy are the comfortable ASCII- and hexadecimal search function, 16 and 32 bit views, big- and little-endian views and soft scrolling over sector boundaries and horizontal offset shifting.

PCISniffer performs a complete PCI-diagnosis. It reports device and vendor names as well as other PCI device information in plain text. This information can also be transmitted over a serial port. By being operating system independent PCISniffer makes available the unaltered PCI-configuration.

Miray offers you to provide your editors with evaluation versions of these programs. Don't hesitate to request them via our press department at


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