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NetDisk - a new technology in HDClone X.4

The NetDisk technology, now available in the Professional Edition,  Professional Edition (Portable) and Enterprise Editions, opens up entirely new possibilities to work even more efficiently by using HDClone via LAN.

The NetDisk technology enables mounting of entire disks in the network, which sets it apart from network shares or NAS. The use of NetDisks in HDClone is very simplistic. It allows you to create copies or images from other PCs in the LAN or to restore images to these disks – just as if they were connected locally.

The power of NetDisk

NetDisk eliminates the need to physically connect the disks the same PC or server. This makes it indispensable, especially for the following use cases.

  • Direct PC-to-PC cloning: copy disks or SSDs and other storage devices directly from one PC to another.
  • Access built-in disks: especially when it comes to notebooks that have fixed integrated storage and few external ports, NetDisk is the ideal solution to save time and effort.
  • Get results with fewer steps: in many cases you can do without creating an intermediary image by directly creating a copy/image or restoring an image via LAN instead.

How NetDisk works

Start the NetDisk Server in mere seconds

From a running HDClone, simply start the NetDisk Server app and choose which of your local disks you wish to share via LAN – that's it.

You can give your system a unique name, so it is easily recognizable when mounting the NetDisks from the client side. Also, when sharing disks, you can decide whether to share them with full access or read-only access, e.g. if they are to be used as a source. 

On the client side, NetDisks behave just like local disks and thus are shown with their common names, types & serial numbers.

Connect the client to the NetDisks with a few clicks

On the client side (where the NetDisk is used), the NetDisk applet allows you to connect to a NetDisk. Choose the respective NetDisk Server in order to display its exported NetDisks and mount them with just one click. Now they are ready to be used to create copies/images or to rescue data –– just as if they were connected locally.

NetDisk Applet with two NetDisks from remote PCs mounted

Mass-Deployment with NetDisk

Even more potential with the Enterprise Editions

Since a client can mount several NetDisks from different NetDisk servers, the Enterprise Editions enables simultaneous copying onto multiple systems in the LAN. 

Instead of copying to 4,8 or 16 locally-connected disks, HDClone X.4 now allows you to copy onto up to 4, 8 or 16 systems at one time via LAN.

This is especially useful when cloning or deploying images in businesses, schools and other large institutions, or when establishing unified base installations for computer systems.

Now the systems involved can remain in their place, regardless of their location in the office or building. And the disks can remain in the target device as well. All made simple with NetDisk! 

What else does HDClone X.4 offer?

For more information and details about HDClone X.4's features and capabilities, check out our document New In HDClone.

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