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Full support of BitLocker-encrypted drives

One of the major highlights of HDClone X.4, which is already a favorite feature among users, is the optimized support of BitLocker-encrypted disks. It is available in the Advanced Edition, Professional Edition (Portable) and Enterprise Editions.

Unleash the full potential of HDClone to BitLocker drives

Previous versions of HDClone had already been able to perform basic copying, imaging and restoring of BitLocker drives. Yet changes, such as to the drive configuration, resizing and SmartCopy/SmartImage could not be applied. 

HDClone X.4 now takes the use of these drives to a new level by providing full support for BitLocker drives, including resizing, disk/OS migration options and conversion to unencrypted drives (= the complete removal of BitLocker).

Remove BitLocker or keep it? Now you decide!

In the previous versions' Windows-based variant HDClone/W, you could only create completely unencrypted copies or images of BitLocker sources, whereas the self-booting variants only allowed you to maintain the encryption. 

Now, regardless whether you use HDClone X.4 in Windows or self-booting, you can decide freely what happens to BitLocker encryptions in all cases, whether you wish to remove or maintain an existing encyption. The complete removal of BitLocker, either for the entire disk or only for selected drives, can be achieved "on the fly" while copying or restoring in the respective apps.

You're in control with the new BitLocker applet

Within the SafeDisk applet group (see below), you can find the new BitLocker applet, which allows you to easily keep tabs on and manage access to BitLocker-protected drives (volumes). 

All drives with BitLocker encryption will be listed here and you can unlock them directly from the applet with your recovery password or key. This allows you to read and write files (e.g. with the Spot File Manager) or use them in the apps just as you would any regular drive.

All unlocked drives will continue to be shown as such in the applet, so you can keep an overview of all available BitLocker drives and, if you wish to re-lock the drives once you are finished, you can do this with one simple click.

Use the advantages of SmartCopy/SmartImage with BitLocker drives

Now in HDClone X.4, BitLocker drives can be used in the SmartCopy app to create fast copies or with the SmartImage app or to secure them into compact images — regardless whether the drives are unlocked or if the BitLocker encryption is removed completely.

What else does HDClone X.4 offer?

For more information and details about HDClone X.4's features and capabilities, check out our document New In HDClone.

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