HDShredder CLI

Automated Secure Erasing & Sanitization

HDShredder CLI is the command line version of HDShredder. It contains the same reliable, versatile and uniquely fast secure deletion engine.

Because the areas of application and the type of use for automatable, command-driven applications (CLI) are fundamentally different from those of graphical applications (GUI), HDShredder CLI is further developed as a stand-alone product with a focus on specific requirements for a CLI version.

Yet, because HDShredder CLI is based on the same secure deletion engine as the graphical version, it offers the same capabilities and advantages for secure erasing, sanitization and refurbishment of disks. In particular, this allows both product families, HDShredder CLI and HDShredder (GUI), can be used together seamlessly.

For further information on the product, areas of application and for offers, please contact us by email or by phone at +49 (0) 89 72013-643.

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