Miray CopyStation

USB-3 Data Charging – Brilliantly Simple

Easy-to-Use USB Media Duplication at an Unrivaled Speed

At the heart of Miray CopyStation is the CopyEngine – our special algorithm, which allows our products to be among the fastest and most efficient duplication solutions in the world. In addition, the entire process runs easily and efficiently thanks to the optimized UI.

This type of copy is most often found in traditional copying stations. The sector-by-sector copy results in each target media being identical to the master.

SmartCopy creates an intelligent copy by copying only the areas that are occupied with data. This, in most cases, leads to a significantly shorter duration when compared to more traditional copying processes, depending on the amount of data stored on the master disk.

Security and accountability are absolutely imperative in professional productions. Miray CopyStation deletes (Securase), copies and verifies the targets in a single run. This ensures that each duplicate contains precisely the data that is needed.

The innovative SmartCopy mode calls for file system support. The CopyStation offers this copying turbo for NTFS, FAT, ExFAT and HFS+.

Technical Data – USB-2

  • 26-156 USB-2 targets
  • 1-6 independent USB host controllers
  • 128 GB-1 TB internal storage space for master images

Technical Data – USB-3

  • 16-48 USB-3 targets
  • 2-6 independent USB host controllers
  • 256 GB-8 TB internal storage space for master images

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