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HDClone 3.2.7 free cloning "didn't take" ??

Post by DonWatson » Thu May 24, 2007 7:19 pm

I used HDClone 3.2.7 to clone C to E. E had been in use for other purposes before I did so. I erased all data on E prior to cloning. The copy began. Eventually it announced that it was complete. I tried to look at drive E using the DOS command prompt. The effort produced the error message "the drive cannot find the sector requested." I went to Windows Explorer and clicked on the drive E indicator there. The error message was "the disk in Drive E is not formatted." Drive E was a formatted disk that had been used for other purposes until I used it to HDClone drive C. Drive E shows that its entire surface is full graphically, but shows 0 in print on that page.

So what's up? (I sent this to the E-Mail address as well, yesterday. No response yet. They responded quickly to a download / extract problem I had for this version, got that going okay. I don't want to duplicate requests, but need to back up my C hard drive.)

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