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License Key

Where to look for your License Key

You will receive a License Key when you purchase a product from our Online Shop. If you receive a product via download, your License Key will be sent in a separate email. If you have purchased the product in physical form, your License Key will be located inside of the box, above the respective product.

What Can I Download?

Your Product Including Service Updates and new Versions

After clearing your product with your License Key, it will be ready for downloading, including the newest Service Updates. You may also download your product again if you have downloaded it before or if you have received it on a physical medium.
In combination with our Update Warranty (standard 3 months), you can also download the latest product version free of charge.

Download Site

We provide our products via the download service There, you can clear a download with your License Key, then you will promptly receive a download link for the desired product. This two-part procedure ensures that you can easily and reliably obtain the purchased product, as well as any included updates.


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