Corporate History

1992 | HF-Soft

Back in 1992, the company founders already worked on software projects together, and in 1994, under the name HF-Soft, they published their first standard product called HF-Menu - a graphical user interface for the operating system MS-DOS.

1996 | nanoSOFT

A long-term collaboration and founding of a common company was initiated in 1996 after the initial success of the first software projects and products. The name nanoSOFT was selected for the company. Beginning in 1996, aside from working on single project orders, work began on the embedded real-time operating system (RTOS) µnOS. In the years that followed, µnOS became a universal embedded operating system with modern microkernel architecture.

2000 | Miray GbR

For legal reasons, the company underwent a name change in 2000. Since then, the company has been located in Munich, Germany. In the following years, the company was characterized by its successful developments and overall growth. Additional operating system variations were created – Sphere SP and Sphere MP. In 2002, the first standard product on the basis of its own operating system was published, which was successfully marketed in 2003, also internationally in 2004.

2006 | Miray Software AG

The growth of the previous years and the constantly increasing product sales activity in more than 40 countries lead to the founding of Miray Software AG. The company has been experiencing further growth since then.

2017 | Current

Due to its sustainable corporate policy, Miray was able to remain unscathed by the economic crisis in 2009 in terms of personnel and economy and was able to gain significant market shares in the following year. Today, our products are used by more than 6 million users in more than 150 countries.