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How to recover from aborted HDCLONE 1:1 copy

Post by Muzzo » Wed Jun 08, 2005 1:32 pm

HDCLONE 1:1 copy aborted by Power Down before copy completed [OS: Windows XP Professional]. Source HD will not boot without HDCLONE Boot Disk and Destination HD will not boot without Windows XP System Disk.

HDCLONE makes changes to the Windows Boot.ini file on Destination HD - these changes are not removed if HDCLONE is aborted by Power Down.

Recover Steps:
1. Remove the source HD make Destination HD the master.
2. Boot using the Windows XP System Disk [Change BIOS if required to boot on CD first]
3. Select the Recovery Option. [Don't try to reinstall, as this will remove data from HD]
4. Part of the XP professional recovery software is a utility called BOOTCFG see link []
use bootcfg /rebuild or bootcfg /add to add a Windows installation to the boot list.
5. Exit, power down [remove XP system disk]
6. Restart and launch XP from the boot line added in step 5
7. Using Notepad, modify the Boot.ini file to remove the boot lines left by HDCLONE
8. Check you boot.ini changes using MSCONFIG.

Points to note:
Take some time to understand the boot.ini syntax ? don?t forget to copy Boot.ini before you change it.
This recovery will only work if the HDCLONE 1:1 copy has copied the System Partition from Source to Destination before the abort


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